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GS Engineering is a globally recognized expert in IMG (in-mold-graining)IMGL (in-mold-graining and lamination), and Male Vacuum Forming.  Our innovative and proprietary technology for creating IMG tooling allows us to build world class quality tools in extremely tight timeframes.  It’s no wonder that GS Engineering Production Tools are used to make more than 2 MM parts per year.

Rapid IMG / IMGL Tooling Fabrication

Process Attributes:

  • Timing – 2 to 10 times faster than competition
  • Durability – Guaranteed for life of production
  • Size – No limitation on part or tool size
  • Vacuum – Best Performance/Vacuum Efficiency
  • Prototype is Production Representative – Production part will be same as prototype part

How long can you afford to be without your production tool?

When you compare our rapid tooling process to existing alternatives, you will see that there is no competition.  The tool itself is normally built in 2-3 weeks once the wrapped master model is approved by the customer! Accelerated delivery is available, with a tool delivered in about 1 week (with approved wrapped master model). In addition, our Spare Tool Replacement Option allows us to make arrangements in advance so that we can deliver a replacement spare within 3 days.

IMG Process Timeline - IP

IMG Tooling Process Timeline – The chart represents our standard timing, not accelerated time.

Tryout Facility

GS Engineering has full tryout and production capabilities at our facility in Maumee, OH.  With multiple thermoforming machines, we are able to run prototype trials, as well as short run part production.

We can run everything from glove boxes to full IPs.

GS Engineering

GS Engineering HQ & Tryout Facility


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